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Tom & Linda
Oatman, Arizona
Historic Route 66

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        The Oatman Country Store Old Time Photos located on 88 Main Street otp_002 jpgOatman, Arizona on Historic Route 66. Come in and get an Old Time Photo taken of yourself and your family. We dress you up like, what we like to call 'Gnarley', old west Cowboy Outlaw, Gambler or Preacher all sorts of costumes to pick from. For the Gals we have old Dance Hall costumes or the real popular Wild West Ladies of the Evening type costumes. Or if you aren't quite so daring we have what we like to call our Little House on the Prairie costumes. Also a variety of Wedding gowns from old to new. Working on getting some Native Indian costumes as well. All kinds of props, guns, pistols, rifles and shotguns of course, or old time bottles with authentic Oatman labels on them. Fans and Feather Boa's that really set off some of the ladies costumes.

        We have 3 different backgrounds to choose from at this time. The Curtain being the most popular, it can accommodate larger groups. The Brick background makes for a good 'Sheriff's Office' and good for smaller groups of 1 or 2 people. We also can take groups outside and take photos in different areas around Oatman. We have taken a family group of up to 27 so far and did that photo shoot outside.
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        Photos are taken with a Digital Canon 8, 16 or 18 megapixel camera (which ever camera applies best for the photos taken at the time) and after the shot is taken, which we take several shots to insure that there will be a good pose, and pull the photos up on a computer for you to choose. And if you don't like any of the poses we do re-takes we want you to be absolutely happy with your photo. Depending on the size of the group and getting a good shot and how many photos needed to be printed it normally takes from time of getting dressed to photo printed out is around 20 minutes. First photo that comes with the setting is an 8x10 in frame and then there is many options you can choose from 5x7, 4x6, 3.5x5 and Wallet Parson Tom pt_001 jpgsizes. We also can make up custom Post Cards with your photo on it and whatever you can come up with for a caption. Family and Kids are absolutely welcome to the Oatman Country Store Old Time Photos taking these old photos make many memories that will last a life time.

        Also affiliated with the Oatman Country Store Old Time Photos is Parson Tom Woodard who offers Real Wild West Shot Gun Weddings. Parson Tom Woodard is an Ordained Minister, who is the Pastor of the Little White Church here in Oatman, Arizona. These weddings are real and offered in the Wedding Package is one setting and 8x10 photo so be sure to ask about that. More information on Parson Tom's Website here; .

Call 928-234-0344 or Email Making Memories Old Time Photos for Prices or Setting up an Appointment.

Oatman Country Store Old Time Photos
Tom & Linda Woodard
88 Main Street
Oatman, Arizona 86433
Phone: 928-234-0344

Please Email Us Anytime!

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Oatman Country Store Old Time Photos Making Memories in Oatman, Arizona on Historic Route 66.
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